Dave's Software Section

Here we have a collection of Free/Open Source sotware that I've worked on to various degrees.

LowCal (download tarball)
A lightweight web calendar for apache and mod_perl featuring...

See it in action, serving up my mead brewing log.

March 8, 2002 - I just discovered that, last August, DaveCentral (how appropriate!) wrote up a very complimentary review of LowCal and even gave it their Best of Linux Award! (Link removed as DaveCentral no longer exists.)

stripmime 0.8.3a-dps (download tarball)
Feed a text file into this perl script and get MIME-free text out!

Originally by Adam Glass, I've added some options which allow you to display the names of removed MIME sections.

Main project site: http://www.clarity.net/~adam/stripmime/

The black sheep: Duel (DOS executable)
Face the Black Knight in a duel to the death...

This is the original implementation of the Biting Blades combat system. It was originally released as shareware, and I guess I'll leave it as such. I can't GPL it because I've lost the source code, which is probably just as well, given that I think I would die of embarrassment if my circa-1992 code were to be made public...

I'm also hoping to get scwap, a utility for reusing ssh connections, up soon, but I wrote it for hire and the owner hasn't actually released it yet. Then there are all my half-started projects that aren't useful enough to distribute yet...